In a moment, everything changed for Morgan

Knowing the signs and symptoms of heart disease can save your life.

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One night I was out to dinner with my daughter, feeling great. Mid-sentence, with no signs of pain, I did a face-plant on the floor. Like a whirlwind I was rushed to the hospital, several tests were done and all the results were fine. “One last test”, said my cardiologist. I had a monitor placed on my chest for 10 days and mailed it in for the results. Within a matter of hours, I received a call from my doctor saying I have Stage 3 A/V Heart block and needed to go to the hospital right away so I could be monitored and await surgery with the implementation of a pacemaker for my condition. I thought I had no signs or symptoms but in hind sight that wasn’t true - I had been having dizzy spells for a few years as well as bouts of extreme exhaustion and some tightness in the center of my chest, but attributed that to my age catching up with me. Since then I have been an active volunteer, the last 6 months, at the AHA. Heart disease is the #1 killer of women. Know the signs and symptoms.

-Sharon Morgan-Jones

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