In Case You Missed It: Tobacco Tax Passes NV Legislature


In case you missed it: Senate Bill 483 passed the Nevada Legislature on June 1st, which will raise the price of cigarettes to $1.80 per pack.  Thanks to the actions of advocates like yourself, SB 483 received overwhelming bi-partisan support, and passed out of the Nevada Legislature in record time! 

The passage of this bill is a truly historic achievement!

When enacted on July 1, 2015, SB 483 will have a significant impact on smoking rates especially among youth, including keeping an estimated 10,000 youth from becoming smokers and helping more than 15,000 current smokers quit.

The latest projections also show that SB 483 can generate approximately $96 million per year ($192 million over the next biennium) which is essential to fund budget priorities such as K-12 education and health care programs.  We simply cannot overstate the historical impact this bill will have on Nevada.

Thank you for your continued support. You are the Cure!

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