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Improving care for heart attack patients

If you or a loved one suffered from a heart attack, you’d want the best care possible to be provided, right? The American Heart Association is fighting to make sure everyone does. A giant step was made towards this in 2013, when the CO General Assembly established a task force of hospital system representatives, physicians, and experts in cardiac care. The task force’s job is to improve the coordination of care for ST - Elevated Myocardial Infraction (STEMI), the deadliest form of heart attack, and to make recommendations to the legislature on how to improve care.


Now we need to follow up on their recommendations with House Bill 1246. If House Bill 1246 is passed, it will call for all heart attack receiving centers to submit blinded data to the statewide heart attack database. Additional data will help to accurately identify and address gaps in care and potentially save lives.

That’s where you can help. Ask lawmakers to pass HB 1246 from the Health, Insurance, and Environment Committee. Tell them you think everyone should receive the best care.

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