Important Tobacco Control Legislation Goes into Effect January 1

On January 1, 2022, two important tobacco control bills that AHA supported during the 2021 legislative session that will make a big difference in our fight against tobacco and nicotine addiction go into effect.

Tobacco Retail Licensing: All retailers in Oregon that sell tobacco, including e-cigarettes, will be required to be licensed and have annual inspections to make sure they aren’t selling to minors, as well as following other tobacco control laws.  Oregon will also finally have a way to hold those who fail inspections accountable by revoking their license and their ability to sell these products.

Online E-cigarette Sales Restriction: The online sale of electronic cigarettes online, where age verification is nearly impossible, will be prohibited. Oregon legislators recognized that this was a way underage youth were getting their hands on addictive nicotine products and took action to restrict these products from being shipped to private residents. Retailers can still order them but starting in January they can only be shipped to a licensed retailer.

Thank you for your support as we worked to pass these bills and other tobacco control legislation to address the rising number of young people using e-cigarettes. 

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