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Imagine Getting a Healthy Kids Meal Anywhere


Imagine going out to eat with your family and knowing that any restaurant you chose that had a kids’ meal would offer some nice, healthy choices. Any restaurant. That’s what we’re striving for.

But that’s not the case currently. Today, due to work demands and hectic school and sport schedules, families are eating out more than ever. But our kids are paying the price. Only 3% of restaurant kids’ meals currently meet nutrition standards and this translates to kids getting one fourth of their calories from eating out.

We’re working on an exciting campaign in Vermont to require all restaurants that advertise kids’ meals to meet nutrition standards for those meals. And we want to help them in a fun way. This summer, we’ll be recruiting chefs across the state to prepare menus based on our nutrition standards, train other chefs and hold events this fall at select restaurants across the state so families can see what it’s like to walk into a restaurant and know that anything they chose on the kids menu is going to be good for their kids. And the meals will be on us!

No sugary drink, fewer calories and salt, at least a half cup of fresh fruit and vegetables like these great Vermont strawberries and a lean protein or whole grain. Wouldn’t that be a treat?!

Stay tuned for more information as we move ahead and plan on attending one of our healthy restaurant events this fall with your kids. Email me if you’re interested in attending or getting involved at [email protected].

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