Illinois Pulse Ox Bill is One Step Closer to becoming a Law


We have exciting news to share from Springfield on HB 2661, the pulse ox bill - last week the bill passage out of the Senate Public Health Committee 9-0!  Now the bill moves forward to be voted on by the entire Senate.  We need your help to urge your Senator to vote YES and pass this bill successfully out of the Senate.  Take action now!  

H.B. 2661 would ensure all newborns in Illinois are screened using pulse oximetry for critical congenital heart defects prior to hospital discharge.  Nearly one in three infants who die from birth defects has a heart defect, with critical congenital heart defects occurring in roughly 8 out of every 1,000 live births.  Ensuring that all newborns are appropriately screened for heart defects before being discharged from the hospital via pulse oximetry is simply the right thing to do.   

For more information on this bill or to get involved further in helping to make it law, please contact Anne Simaytis at [email protected] 

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