Ilana Adlee

As a young person in North Carolina, I see the detrimental effects of having little to no healthcare because of cost. My own mother is a heart disease survivor and advocate, who survived because of research, funding, and most importantly, her parent’s adequate health insurance coverage.

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My mother was born with a hole in her heart the size of a quarter. At the age of two, she had to undergo surgery and multiple treatments that were and still are necessary for keeping her alive. Without healthcare, my mother would have likely died, ceasing my existence. My family was and is one of the fortunate ones, but many in our state aren’t. There are adults all over our state who lack the healthcare they require, without this health insurance coverage they become ill and unequipped to take care of their families. Then, the children may either find jobs to take care of the family or are forced to live with other people.

I have witnessed medical expenses cause financial hardships for the families of my friends. One of my friends, Anne, had to give up taking dance because her father was battling skin cancer. The bills for his treatment were so expensive that every member of the family sacrificed extra activities to afford living in their home and having food to eat. Families should not have to sacrifice experiences because of healthcare cost. Healthcare is something people have to allow them to continue daily routines including employment. It should not be something that prevents them from participating in activities that build their quality of life.

When I look to the future I hope everyone has access to affordable health insurance coverage. Life and good health are hand in hand and we must care for them both. That can happen when we have access to healthcare.  As a young person I look forward to find a solution to the current coverage gap situation. Let your lawmakers know you do, too!

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