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If you are not voting then who are you electing?


Just a reminder, tomorrow, Tuesday November 6th is Election Day.  Don’t forget to Vote!

I know the vast majority of you are completely sick of all the nasty and ridiculous TV ads, pre-recorded telephone calls and flyers stuffed in your mailbox.  But guess what? Tomorrow they all go away. However, surviving the onslaught of political ads will be for nothing if you don’t exercise your right to vote.  The power of a single vote is staggering. It’s our right to stand up and be counted.  And the way we do that is by casting our ballot.

Why should you care?  So you don’t think that it matters who we put in office? Think again.  The decisions made by the people we put in office at the local, state, and federal levels have a dramatic impact on our daily lives. Here is a look at the impact that our elected officials have had on my day already: I drove to work – at a speed determined by our elected officials on a road that hasn’t been repaved in 10 years – thanks to the determinations of my elected officials. I put gas in my car – and paid a gas tax determined by our elected officials. I worked all morning to earn my pay – and pay income taxes determined by my elected officials.  I complied with all the state lobbying laws – as established by our elected officials.  I didn’t say or do anything that would jeopardize the AHA’s not-for-profit status – in accordance to rules set by our elected officials. I ate lunch at restaurant – which complies with health codes determined by our elected officials.  I got my car inspected – which is determined by our elected officials.  I bought some groceries from some workers whose minimum wage is determined by our elected officials.  And I wrote you this note about our future of our local communities, state and nation – which will be determined by our decisions tomorrow on our next elected officials.  

If you don’t think that this election has any impact on your life – think about your family, your friends and community.  They need you to participate.  If we don’t participate, we get the government that we deserve.  Do your part tomorrow.  Vote. 

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