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I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane...Part 5


This past November, You’re the Cure advocate and stroke survivor, Michelle Ballasiotes, had the privilege of attending the Non-communicable Diseases (NCD) Alliance Global Forum in Sharjah, UAE.  Michelle represented the AHA/ASA and her mom joined her on this experience of a lifetime.  Over the next few weeks we will be posting a multi-part series of Michelle’s reflections on the trip.  Many thanks to Michelle for writing about her experience and allowing us to share it on the blog!  Check back next week to read more about Michelle’s trip!  Missed a week?  You can find the earlier posts about her trip here, here, here, and here.

Sat. Nov. 14th, Afternoon:


When we left off last week I had just finished up my morning sessions where I learned how NCDs have different impacts on countries around the world.  Here is what we did that afternoon! 

Lunch was a buffet with speakers talking about World Diabetes Day. Everyone received a blue circle pin to wear in honor of World Diabetes Day. There was another plenary session in the afternoon with four more workshops: How to Work Effectively as an Alliance, Resource Mobilization: Collaboration for Impact, Campaign Planning: Step by Step Guide to Successful Campaigns, and Twinning: North-South and South-South Cooperation for NCDs. I attended the Alliance one and my mom attended the Twinning one. The Twinning one described Denmark and Uganda as examples. They have found that by working together and seeing the things that each country is doing, it creates useful resources that they wouldn’t have had otherwise. Basically the goal is to work together to complement each other’s work, not compete. Some countries in the Caribbean have a tax on sugar sweetened beverages, so perhaps the US should “twin” with them.

Meetings didn’t end until 7:00 in the evening so it was a very long day, but filled with great information. For dinner, my mom and I headed to Dubai to meet a friend from Denmark who happened to be in the area. The taxi driver got lost since some of them are not used to driving across Emirate borders, but we finally made it there.


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