American Heart Association Turns 100

Bold Hearts™ - the American Heart Association Centennial – celebrates 100 years of progress and a vision for a brighter future for all. That’s the driving force of the American Heart Association. Our future is about improving yours!


June 10, 2024, marked 100 years of scientific discovery and innovation by the American Heart Association. Founded in Chicago by six cardiologists, the Association was inspired by a social worker who felt more could be done to help people who suffered heart attacks. From humble beginnings and with a vision of improving health around the world, the American Heart Association has grown dramatically.

Dedicated researchers and volunteers, have resulted in significant medical advancements over 100 years: the first artificial heart valve, implantable pacemakers, cholesterol-lowering medications, techniques for CPR and much more.

Heart disease is the No. 1 killer worldwide, and stroke ranks second globally. The American Heart Association is advancing health and hope for all and creating a vision for brighter tomorrows free from these diseases.

The American Heart Association’s volunteers, supporters and staff forge ahead into the organization’s second century. The Association will continue to fuel science and innovation, fund lifesaving research, stand for the rights of patients and caregivers, work with communities, and transcend the way we live, work and play.

Join us as we harness 100 years of saving and improving lives to boldly build a Second Century of equitable health for all!

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