How Close is Your Grocer

The Closer to My Grocer campaign recently released a video about food access in Virginia. The video addresses the consequences of limited access and how the Virginia Grocery Investment Fund can shore up healthy food retail in urban and rural communities across Virginia.

"There are far too many places in the state of Virginia where it is easier for a person to get a Twinkie, versus a banana or an apple. That is tough to swallow."                     - Secretary of Commerce and Trade, Todd Haymore

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More than 1.7 million Virginians, including 480,000 children, do not currently have access to a fully stocked grocery store in their community. According to an American Heart Association poll, nine out of 10 voters in Virginia believe that unhealthy eating and childhood obesity are serious issues for children growing up in the United States today.

Without access to affordable and healthy foods, a nutritious diet and good health are out of reach, and as a result, diet related diseases, like diabetes and heart disease– are on the rise.

In the months ahead, supporters of the Virginia Grocery Investment Fund will be showing this video to groups and individuals around the state to create conversation about this issue, and continue a concerted push to officially create the Virginia Grocery Investment Fund

To learn more about the issue please contact: Allie Atkeson, Campaign Manager: [email protected]


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