House Committee Passes Transportation Reauthorization

On June 10th, after 19 hours of deliberation, the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure passed the INVEST in America Act, but we like to refer to it as the “transportation reauthorization.” A week earlier, the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works passed their part of their version of the transportation reauthorization out of committee as well.

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The transportation bill is a broad piece of legislation that deals with America’s surface transportation, like roads, railways and bridges. While that might not seem like something You’re the Cure advocates would care about, this bill also funds active transportation programs and policies like Safe Routes to School and helps build things like sidewalks and more trails for walking, biking or rolling. Having safe and equitable access to active transportation opportunities is a  key way to help us be physically active and lead longer, healthier lives. Given that 80% of adults and nearly 75% of children fail to meet recommended amounts of physical activity, we need more ways to get moving! Being physically active can help curb weight gain and improve wellness, while lowering your chances of heart disease and other chronic conditions, improving your quality of life!

As transportation reauthorization moves through Congress, we will be sure to keep you informed so stay tuned. But, in the meantime lets be “active” and make our voices heard. Please take just 30 seconds to help ensure that your members of Congress know that you support active transportation today!

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