Remembering Buzz Bowen, a true advocate for AHA

Winfred "Buzz" Bowen was an advocate and a leader in Indiana. His energy and passion for heart health will be missed by all who knew him.

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Buzz started his advocacy work for AHA after undergoing an open heart transplant in Minnesota. Upon moving back to Indiana, Buzz continued his great work by attending legislative meetings in his district, here in Indianapolis, served on the Statewide Advocacy Committee, and traveled to DC numerous times to meet with Senators, more importantly, Congressman Peter Visclosky. Buzz was also the advocacy liaison to the Northwest Indiana Board. With the assistance of his lovely wife, Leota, Buzz staffed the advocacy booth at various fundraising events in Lake/Porter counties.

One year, during the Midwest reception for Heart on the Hill, several physicians presented on heart disease and stroke. During the question and answer session, a lady complained about a persistent heart problem she was experiencing. There were plenty of physicians in the room, but no one addressed her problem. However, Buzz heard her loud and clear. After returning to Indiana, he asked for then VP for State Jill Birnbaum’s number. Buzz called Jill and asked if there was a way she could get the lady into the Mayo Clinic. A few days later, the lady was on her way to Mayo. Not only did Buzz advocate on the hill, he advocated for others as well.

I loved working with Buzz. I never worried about Lake County because Buzz was there keeping an eye on things for me. He would call me from time to time to get the ‘low down’ as he would call it. Buzz educated himself on our issues and stayed abreast of policy as it moved at the state and federal levels. Always dapper and well dressed, Buzz represented AHA will zeal and passion. He definitely embodied our mission to be a relentless force for a world of longer, healthier lives.

Thank you Buzz for your passion, your energy, and your voice!

Bowen’s Obituary


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