Holiday Travel Hacks 🧳

As the busiest travel season of the year approaches, we have some tips to ease travel worries for people living with health conditions like heart disease and stroke.

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Travel isn't off limits if you have a chronic health condition. You can take the stress out of travel by doing a little planning and preparation:

  • Check in with your health care provider – Talk to your primary care physician or specialist about your travel plans and any special considerations related to your health. They can offer personalized guidance on any restrictions or precautions you need to keep in mind. 
  • Manage your medications – Make sure medications are clearly labeled and that you have enough to last your entire trip. Carry a list of all medications, including dosages and pharmacy information. 
  • Plan for transporting medical devices and supplies – Whether you’re traveling by airplane, bus, train, cruise ship or other means, you will want to plan ahead if you have any special medical equipment. 

Every individual’s condition is unique, and you will want to tailor your travel plans to your specific needs so that you can enjoy your holiday or vacation.

For more suggestions on how to maintain your health while traveling, please visit Make a list, check it twice with these heart-healthy holiday travel hacks | American Heart Association.


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