Feel Good Holiday Gifts

Do you have someone on your holiday list that has everything? How would you like to increase your own happiness? It’s possible and you still have time.

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Have you thought about donating to organization(s) that are near and dear to you and/or recipient’s heart? Researchers at Harvard have found that people rated themselves happier when they spent money on others than on themselves. The studies have shown that regardless of income level the people who spent more on other people besides themselves reported higher feelings of happiness. This was also true for a study that had people received a company bonus or saw the same money go to a charity of their choice. Again, the happiness/satisfaction rating was higher with money that went to charity.

I am sure many of you might be thinking of the Seinfeld episode where George makes donations to the Human Fund, which leads to George explaining Festivus and feats of strength. How do you know that the donation that you are making is going to make the biggest impact? According to the Better Business Bureau and Consumer’s Report, both suggest that you should look at the percentage that is going to the programs they provide. Pick your donations that go to at least 65% of their programs.

An unusual holiday gift idea might be giving the gift that helps someone save a life. The American Heart Association offers CPR classes.

And, if your holiday shopping list is complete, consider adopting a family in need or donating blood.

Happy Holidays and have a wonderful New Year!

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