Holiday Giving Includes Volunteering Time and Talent


Guest Blogger: Lisa Michael, Montana Advocate Leader

I just made the commitment to attend the Montana State Lobby Day in Helena on March 28. It would have been easy for me to decide not to go. First, I'm a teacher, which means I have to use one (of only two) personal days to be absent from work. I have to prepare plans for my substitute, and I had to get permission from my administrator to miss some important meetings. Second, I live about 100 miles from Helena. This means just over three hours of travel that day. Third, I'll be going alone, and I only know one other person who is going to be there. As I list the reasons I could've easily used to decline the invitation, it nearly sounds like I'm complaining! However, I can use the same statements to argue why I (and you!) should attend.

  1. I'm a teacher: One of the issues that will be on the agenda this year is CPR training in schools. I have a unique perspective on this since I'm not only a survivor-advocate for the American Heart Association, but I work within the public school system. I can make a difference in a specific way.
  2. I have to travel: Having been to both state and national lobby days, I can say from experience that having people from all over the state (or country) sends a pretty powerful message! The issues we care about are not only affecting a small portion of the population.
  3. I feel alone: This is the best reason to go! Even though I've been to other lobby days, this feeling always tempts me to stay home. However, stepping out of my comfort zone has allowed me to meet so many wonderful people! And it has given me more opportunities to make a difference – which is my true reason for being involved at all.

This holiday season as you are filled with the spirit of giving and caring, look for ways to give not only financial gifts, but the gifts of your time and presence. You can start by clicking here to RSVP to attend the Montana State Lobby Day.

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