Historic Strides for Healthcare Access


When the Arkansas General Assembly wrapped up the 2013 legislative session they made historic strides in improving healthcare, increasing access to health insurance, and putting an emphasis on cheapest form of health care: prevention.

With the passage of SB 1020 and HB 1143 thousands Arkansans will have better access to health care and we want to thank lawmakers for their effort. Click here to thank members for improving access to health care!

Currently 250,000 Arkansans do not have health insurance which puts a large burden on hospitals and local resources.

The legislation mentioned above would help cover costs for people currently without health care and would focus on prevention rather than treatment. In addition, Arkansas will utilize federal funds so that state tax dollars won’t be used.

We think this is a smart plan for several reasons:

-The uninsured population (250,000) already has access to health care, although it is the most expensive and least efficient kind: emergency room visits. Emergency room visits by the uninsured put a large strain on hospitals and drives up local taxes.

-By using federal funds to increase health care we can put an increased emphasis on the cheapest and most efficient type of care: prevention.

Take action and thank lawmakers for finding a better way to fund health care in Arkansas!

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