High School Heroes

From Massachusetts to Missouri and in dozens of other states, lives are being saved by high school students trained in CPR at school. Join us as we work to ensure ALL students are trained in CPR prior to graduation!


Consider the story of Abby Snodgrass, then 17, who saved a MO baby's life at Walmart thanks to CPR training she received at school. Or the story of Bert Carey, who received CPR from an 18 yr-old fellow customer in the small store where he collapsed; Derrick had just been trained in CPR at school. Or the story of Jeffrey Hall, who saved his little brother from drowning using the CPR he had learned at school. There are many examples of the incredible impact these students can have after learning CPR. 

Let's fill our streets and communities with Abby's and Derrick's and Jeffrey's! Support our efforts to pass legislation or change regulations in all 50 states to ensure students are trained in CPR prior to high school graduation. 

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