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Higgins Beach is Why...


I love the new American Heart Association tag line.  “Life is Why.” is a great motto.  During a recent all-staff meeting we were asked to determine our own personal “why.”  For some, it was easy.  For others, including myself, it was hard.  There are so many reasons why I do this job.  I bet that I will change my tag line every once in a while.

My husband’s family has been renting cottages at the same Maine beach since WWII.  Really.  His dad used to drive from Massachusetts to PEI every summer, but gas rationing during the war meant they could not make their annual trip.  They stopped in Scarborough Maine and the rest, as they say, is history.  We are fortunate enough to have access to three beach cottages for three weeks each summer. We live at the beach and commute to work from there.  Then at the end of the day, it is fun family dinners, sunsets and beach walks.  Very relaxing quality time.  Very good for the heart.

Just after the “Life is Why.” staff meeting, I beat feet back to the beach.  I grabbed Cecelia and we headed out to search for shells.  As she jumped in the waves, I wrote this message in the sand.

What is your why?

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