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Helping Heart Attack Victims in Montana


Guest Blogger: Amanda Cahill, Montana Government Relations Director

When someone has a heart attack, every second counts.  Mission: Lifeline works to help EMS providers diagnose and transport heart attack patients in much faster times, resulting in higher survival and less disability. 

A key part of Mission: Lifeline is giving ambulance companies and fire departments 12-Lead EKG machines, so that they can effectively treat heart attack patients and immediately send a report to the hospital regarding what type of heart attack someone experienced.  This advanced notice for hospitals saves precious time and ensures that patients get the best treatment when they arrive at the hospital. Prior to the project, 30 agencies had 12 lead EKG machines, but only 8 had them and were using them to their fullest capability.  Now 102 agencies have the equipment and the capability to use them to speed up hospital arrival and heart treatment times. 



To hear more about this life-saving project, contact Amanda Cahill; [email protected]

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