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In Idaho, smoking rates have remained relatively stable for the last few years, until 2016, when we saw an increase in the number of adults identifying as current smokers over previous years. Currently, 14.5% of Idaho adults smoke traditional tobacco cigarettes, but with the growing availability and diversity of electronic cigarette and vaping devices, we have already seen an increase in teen use and expect this will be reflected in the adult population as well.

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The AHA/ ASA has been working with Smoke Free Idaho to help combat the increasing usage of cigarettes, e-cigs, and vape products, and to eliminate the harms of their second hand smoke by passing city ordinances to eliminate smoking from public places. Current state law allows bars, hotels/ motels, certain small businesses, and other exceptions to the Clean Indoor Air Act. While many individuals choose not to visit places that allow smoking, this may not be an option for those who work in these establishments. And we believe that no Idahoan should have to choose between a good job and good health.


In Twin Falls, our volunteers are working with others across the community to educate and inform their neighbors about the impact second hand smoke can have on the employees of these establishments, and how a comprehensive smoke free law would improve the health and productivity of workers and protect them from the harmful side effects of second hand smoke. Twin Falls, like so many of our cities across Idaho, is working to build a thriving community, with good jobs, safe neighborhoods, high quality schools, and healthy families. Supporting SmokeFree Twin Falls can help boost economic activity and create spaces that everyone can enjoy. To learn more, or help us create a smoke free Twin Falls, register as an advocate at

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