Help Put Healthy in the Ohio Budget

The Ohio Legislature is currently considering the state FY 2018-19 budget. Help us encourage inclusion of two key health issues!  We can't do it without you!


Tobacco Prevention and Cessation: While Governor Kasich is taking steps to address the health impact of tobacco in his budget, a higher increase in the cigarette tax would save lives and generate more revenue for the state.  A $1.00 per pack increase in the cigarette tax is necessary to counter the tobacco industry's known tactic of discounting and couponing in the wake of a tax increase in order to blunt the impact to the consumer.

Access to Healthy Foods: In Ohio, there are 500,000 children who do not have access to healthy food options. By restoring funding for the Healthy Food for Ohio program, Ohio can address this problem.  The needed funding of $15 million for this program will ensure we make healthy food accessible for Ohioans who not only live in communities lacking grocery stores but also suffer from the highest diet-related death rates in the state. 

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