Help Prevent Surprise Medical Bills

Surprise medical billing is a big problem in our country. Too often we seek medical treatment that we expect to be covered by health insurance… but months later you receive a medical bill that seems WAY TOO HIGH! Surprise medical billing impacts millions of people but with your help we can change that.

The United States Congress is working on legislation that would stop insurers, providers, and hospitals from being able to send surprise medical bills, but if we want a law that actually helps patients like you and me then they need to hear our stories. Even if you’d already contacted your member of Congress about this issue, it is important that they hear from you again.

Members of Congress need to know that surprise medical bills are a HUGE problem in our country, and specifically in your state. They need to hear your story, they need to know that real people are negatively impacted by the way we are billed for our health care. Will you help prevent surprise medical bills?

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