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We need your help.  The Montana Department of Health and Human Services is planning to eliminate an important part of Medicaid; continuous eligibility.  Continuous eligibility allows Montanans living on low incomes to maintain access to healthcare, even with fluctuations in income, better ensuring continuity of care. Continuity of care is essential in the treatment of chronic disease, mental health services, and other health issues.

Please submit your comments to the Montana Department of Health and Human Services today!

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Here are some talking points you can use but if you have a personal story on this issue, please share it in your comments.

  • 60 percent of Montana businesses employ at least one worker who receive insurance through Medicaid expansion.
  • Continuous eligibility is especially important for cancer and heart disease patients- where consistent care is vital. A gap in coverage and or treatment can be life or death. 
  • Montana has long had continuous eligibility for Healthy Montana Kids, and has had continuous eligibility for the Medicaid expansion population since the programs start.
  • During this time of rebuilding Montanans need stability. In recent months, thousands of Montanans living on low incomes have turned to Medicaid expansion to give them continuous health care coverage during these uncertain times.
  • Many of Montana workers are seasonal, working in industries such as agriculture and tourism. Workers should not be penalized for taking jobs in Montana’s vital industries.

Please submit your comments against these propose changes.  The public comment period ends August 31.

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