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Help make healthy drinks the default in NYC

You do your best to eat healthy, and if you’re a caregiver, you want the same for your family. Unfortunately, many kids’ meals come with sugary drinks, such as fruit drinks with added sugar, sports drinks, and soda, which are a major contributor to the increasing rates of diabetes and heart disease.

hero_image_alt_text===An image of a child and parent at a restaurant.

Studies show that repeated exposure to fast food and sugary drinks, through advertising, marketing, and consumption, cultivates a pattern for future consumption and a preference for those and similar foods.

Restaurants have the opportunity to work with parents to reverse this trend. Our lives are busy, and more and more, we’re eating out. By providing healthier drinks with kids’ meals, restaurants can play a role in supporting our children’s health.

Consuming sugary drinks poses a real health risk to kids. And with our country already spending $190 billion per year treating these preventable diseases, we need to address the problem. Every child deserves to grow up at a healthy weight, which means promoting healthy beverage options such as water and milk.

Take action to support healthy standards for kids’ restaurant meals.

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