Help Make All of NJ Smoke-free!

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Meet Melissa Smith, 23 years old, studying biology pre-medical professions and a minor in public health at William Paterson University. In the future, she would want to be a cardiovascular physician associate.


Smoke-free is a topic I want to embark upon because this is an issue that can and does affect your health. My experience in college and what I observe in my community is a lot of smokers. Smokers become heavily addicted, which can cause misbehavior in youth because of the chemicals like nicotine can do to a developing brain.


Most of New Jersey has acknowledged that public areas should be smoke-free is essential because we want to respect our environment and asthmatic citizens. However, New Jersey Casino is the one area that is not a smoke-free environment. Although people who smoke are going to do what they want regardless of how smoke-free people feel. I believe smokers should distance themselves from public areas, workers, and smoke outside. Smoking outside is better because you have the air to circulate and mask the smell.


Lastly, if you are a smoker and looking for inspiration to ease your mind and avoid the need to smoke. You can exercise, hydrate, deep breathe, keep your hands busy with pressure toys, have small treats, such as mints, caramels, gum, or any hard candy. Everyone wants respect and has an opinion; I just hope this inspires you to join me to do the right thing and make all of NJ smoke-free. 

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