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Help launch a national campaign to improve survival from Cardiac Arrest!

Sign a petition to convince our President and Government that they should initiate and support a national campaign to improve survival from SCA by encouraging citizens to 'Start the Beat'.


Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) is a public health concern. SCA kills more Americans than lung cancer, breast cancer and HIV/AIDS combined. Survival rates from SCA are tragically low at only 6% nationwide. Research has shown that early CPR and AED use can significantly improve survival but citizens are still reluctant to act. ‘Stop, drop and roll’ and now ‘Stop the bleed’ are campaigns that have increased training and saved lives. A national ‘Start the Beat’ campaign would serve that same purpose by promoting bystander action, increasing awareness of AED locations and the use of AEDs, along with early CPR.

Sign the petition HERE

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