Help keep Kansans from going hungry!

The Kansas legislature is considering making it more difficult for people to get access to healthy food. There is a bill currently waiting to be voted on in the Senate that would make it harder to access the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

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Having access to healthy food is vital to helping prevent heart disease and stroke.

Take 15 seconds and tell your Senator to vote NO on Senate Substitute for HB 2448.

Now more than ever we need to help ensure Kansans can access healthy food for their families. Instead, state lawmakers are focused on passing additional, unnecessary restrictions. Kansans in between jobs, homeless veterans, folks who have lost loved ones due to the pandemic, caregivers helping a loved one recover from heart attack or strokes, are all at risk of losing their access. 

SNAP is there to help make sure people have access to food when they need it most. Help us protect it!

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