Help Implement Medicaid Expansion Now

Even though the voters of Nebraska approved Medicaid Expansion to help 90,000 Nebraskans in 2018, it still has not been implemented. Nebraska Health and Human Services is proposing a complicated and unnecessary waiver. This waiver not only will delay expansion until October 2020 but also institutes work requirements to gain benefits.

hero_image_alt_text===Doctor listening to a child's heart.
thumbnail_alt_text===Doctor listening to a child's heart.

Work requirements disproportionately impact people with chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease. Requiring people with or at risk of cardiovascular disease in order to receive healthcare, especially without regard to the work conditions, could worsen existing health problems.

Medicaid Expansion should be implemented now and without a confusing and unnecessary waiver.  The longer we wait the longer some of our fellow hardworking Nebraskans go without access to healthcare coverage.  No one should be forced to decide whether they can afford life-saving care –like heart medication or cancer treatment –for themselves or their family.

Let the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services know that Medicaid expansion should be implemented now, with no barriers.

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