Help Hunters Have More Hunting Seasons

Hunting is a way of life in West Virginia. Every fall, thousands of hunters get out to enjoy the beautiful, serene environment they live in and love. To sit quietly and connect with nature and each other. But, for some hunters, this season may have been their last season - because their lives were changed by a cardiovascular event.

Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is as quiet and potentially dangerous as the best hunter. Nearly half of all US adults have high blood pressure and don’t even know it. With proper treatment, folks can live longer, healthier lives. That’s where self-monitored blood pressure devices come in.

When people have access to ways to self-monitor their blood pressure, they can understand their risks and take actions to better treat their blood pressure and know earlier if something isn’t right. When it comes to a cardiovascular event, seconds matter, and people in rural communities don’t always live close to get the care they need when they need it.

By providing self-monitored blood pressure devices to people who are on Medicaid, we can help provide critical health information to people before an emergency happens. Expecting someone to treat their blood pressure without knowing what it is, is like trying to shoot a buck without a good sight on him.

Sign our pledge today to support providing access to self monitored blood pressure programs to those who need it, so they can enjoy many hunting seasons to come.
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