Help End Child Hunger

Ending child hunger is something everyone can agree on. We have seen the negative impact that poor nutrition during childhood and adolescence can have on the body.

hero_image_alt_text===children eating schools meals
thumbnail_alt_text===children eating schools meals

Nutritious school meals help to combat unhealthy weight and poor cardiovascular health as well as establish a foundation for a lifetime of healthy behaviors, reduce the risk of chronic diseases, and support cognitive development and academic success.

California has the opportunity to lead the way and do right by the next generation by becoming the first state to provide universal school meals. Expanding funding for universal school meals in the state budget would send a clear message that California puts the health and wellbeing of its children first.

We urge the State Legislature and Administration to secure funding now for all public school students to have permanent access to free school meals after federal waivers expire in June 2022. 

And, we urge Governor Newsom to adopt School Meals for All in the California budget.

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