Help Us Stop Our Schools from Marketing Unhealthy Foods to Our Kids!


Thanks to the Healthy, Hunger Free Kids Act, 88% of Connecticut school districts are successfully serving healthy meals that meet strong nutrition standards. However, the food industry is still allowed to market unhealthy products in our schools. This sends a mixed message to our students. It is also counterproductive to creating the culture of health our students need to be successful. Let’s stop sending our students mixed messages.  

Connecticut students are already bombarded everyday outside of school with advertisements through social media, television, radio, and print that encourage them to consume unhealthy foods and beverages. The average Connecticut student in grades K-12 will spend 900 hours in school each year. That’s an additional 900 hours they will be exposed to marketing tactics that encourage them to consume unhealthy foods and beverages.  

The food industry is taking advantage of our students and treating them as a captive audience.  We look forward to working with you to ensure our schools provide our students with the culture of health they need to be successful.

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