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Help Protect Stroke Survivor's Therapy


After surviving a stroke, the last thing anyone needs to worry about is running out of therapy sessions. Stroke is our nation’s No. 5 cause of death and a leading cause of disability and dementia. Therapy services provide stroke survivors with the ability to regain vital skills like walking and talking, preventing falls, and living as independently as possible. Limiting access to such beneficial care does not make sense.

But that is just what Medicare’s current limits on outpatient therapy do. Unfortunately, if Congress does not act by March 31st, stroke survivors and others on Medicare with the most serious and debilitating conditions will face a cap on their outpatient therapy.

But our lawmakers can prevent this from happening.  Will you contact your lawmaker and ask them to repeal these harmful caps?

So what are therapy caps?

Therapy caps are unfair coverage limits placed on the rehabilitation stroke survivors need to recover and thrive following a stroke. A typical Medicare beneficiary would face a $1940 cap on their outpatient therapy care, with no exceptions.  On average, that amounts to a single evaluation and just 19 outpatient therapy sessions. However, stroke survivors often need 3-5 therapy sessions a week, which means they’d reach the caps in less than two months.

I am sure you agree stroke survivors deserve better.

Take a moment and contact your lawmaker today and ask them to remove these harmful caps once and for all.

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