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Help North Carolinians Win Their Race to be Smoke-Free


In North Carolina we have taken strides toward smoke-free living.  In 2009, we saw successful adoption of the smoke-free restaurants and bars law.   Since then, many local communities have taken additional steps to declare county or city property, like public parks, smoke-free.

Despite these efforts, our work is not over.  One out of every five North Carolinians is still smoking. According to new data from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) the number of smokers nationwide has fallen to 15 percent, yet in North Carolina, it is more than 20 percent. We still have work to do. 

That’s why we are joining together with more than 50 other organizations – including leading patient groups, health care delivery systems, nonprofits, and state and local agencies – to launch “Race to Quit, NC.” We have joined forces with these organizations to move the Race to Quit, NC program forward.

So what do we hope to accomplish?  Simple.

During the Race to Quit, NC launch week October 5-9, campaign partners will hold events to raise awareness of the campaign and to promote the campaign website. The site, which has launched but is still being fully developed, will feature educational materials and comprehensive resources to help tobacco users quit. You can also follow the campaign on social media via the hashtag #RacetoQuitNC.

You can find a printable flyer on the Race to Quit, NC website – please feel free to use it if you would like to join us in helping to promote the campaign.

Together, with the help of you, our valuable NC advocates, we can help our North Carolina neighbors break the cycle of tobacco use and cross the finish line to a tobacco-free life.

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