Help Make The Healthy Choice, The Easy Choice in Austin!



With your help, a fresh and healthy choice is right around the corner. 

To grow up healthy, children and their families need many things in their communities. One thing is a store selling fresh fruits and vegetables.

Did you know, 14% of Texans - that's 3.4 million people! - live in neighborhoods lacking healthy food options? Some of those areas are right here in Austin.

Five City of Austin ZIP codes are without a grocery store, limiting families' access to healthy and fresh food.

This takes a toll on the city's health. Only 30 percent of Greater Austin residents meet the recommended daily allowance of fruit and vegetables, and the obesity rate within Greater Austin is 25 percent.

What's in store for people with limited access to healthy fruits and vegetables? A higher risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Do you support increased access to fresh, healthy food for Austin neighborhoods?

Join the #MoreAtMyStore movement today!


Add your name to show your support. You'll also receive notices of opportunities to take action in your community, to help make the healthy choice the easy choice in Austin neighborhoods.

We believe healthy living in Austin is right around the corner.


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