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Help increase the representation of women and minorities in clinical trials today!


As a patient, you want to know that the prescription drugs and medical devices being recommended for your treatment are safe and effective. However, current gaps in clinical trial participation by women and minorities limit the data available to you and your doctor to make the most informed decisions. 

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been tasked with creating an action plan to address this health disparity and we need your help to ensure it gets done! 

Will you take a minute to ask your Senators to push the FDA to move forward with its plan to increase the representation of women and minorities in clinical trials?      

The statics tell the story: Only one-third of participants in cardiovascular clinical trials are women, and fewer than 31 percent of trials that do include women report outcomes by gender. For minorities, the numbers are even more concerning – a recent study found that minorities account for less than 5 percent of research study participants. That’s why we need a strong, urgent action plan from the FDA that puts an end to the “one-size-fits-all” approach to medicine that we’ve had due to a lack of data. 

Clinical trials have led to advances in treating hypertension, heart failure, diabetes and more- and they will continue to be critical to the fight against heart disease and stroke. But in order to effectively address these diseases in different populations, we must ensure different genders, races, and ethnicities are included in the research process from the start.

20 years from now, we hope we can look back and say that the FDA’s plan was a significant milestone in achieving health equity. Take action today to help make it happen!

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