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Heart Walk Success!


Southern Maine Heart Walk Success!

The You’re the Cure table at the Southern Maine Heart Walk was the busiest I have ever seen. Even the wind could not deter us. By the way, bananas make great paperweights.

Amazing YTC volunteers, Demetra and Richard, collected almost 100 postcards to send to soon-to-be elected legislators about the need for all high school students to be trained in Hands Only CPR and AED use.

As you have heard from me before—it takes less than 30 minutes to teach. High School kids have something in the order of 180,000 teachable minutes in their four years. How about spending a blink of an eye to learn how to save a life? Most (ok, all but 1) of the Heart Walkers we saw agreed. You may remember that almost two years ago the American Heart Association worked hard to pass a bill that would have added Hands Only CPR to the curriculum of each and every high school student in Maine. Well, despite overwhelming support in the legislature, we could not overcome politics and a Governor’s veto. We lost by 2 votes. Well, we don’t give up easily. We will be back after the elections to try again. Won’t you help?

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