Last Friday, nearly 200 You’re the Cure volunteers went to the White House as part of the Obama administration’s briefing series on “Making Health Care Better,” with an emphasis on cardiovascular health.


The forum followed the release of a White House report on the progress made over the past eight years in research, prevention, coverage, treatment, and quality when it comes to cardiovascular disease and care.

As AHA President Steven Houser, Ph.D., welcomed advocates to Washington and the White House, he highlighted the success of the Affordable Care Act and the more than seven million patients with cardiovascular disease and risk factors that are now covered under the ACA.

Volunteers in attendance were also active on social media, urging their friends and family to tune in to the briefing via a livestream and, more important, add their voice to the conversation (you can watch a condensed version here). And if you haven’t gotten the chance yet, please sign our petition to the next President, urging them to continue fighting for policies that will help reduce and someday end cardiovascular disease and stroke.

Panelists included federal officials, AHA CEO Nancy Brown, and an incredibly inspiring panel of cardiovascular disease survivors, who spoke about how they’ve met their health-related challenges head on, including Gracie Doran, a 17-year-old pediatric stroke survivor who reminded the audience that “stroke can happen to anyone at any age.”

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