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GUEST BLOG: Have You Had a Heart Checkup?

Hey everyone! This month, I want to focus our attention on getting regular heart check-ups. These screenings can provide an opportunity for an update on your heart health and if perhaps you need to make any lifestyle changes to improve the health of your heart, your doctor can provide information and guidance on how to make those changes. It's an opportunity for early detection of serious heart conditions and can give you peace of mind so you can enjoy life - so what are you waiting for?

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My grandparents, Fred and Kay Irvin, both with different heart stories, recently went for their heart screenings. Fred had a heart attack in September of 2007. He was sitting at work and just finished lunch. He suddenly felt severe pain in the middle of his chest, but he thought it was just bad indigestion. He went home and then that same night he was lying in bed, and he felt pain again. Fred didn’t say anything to my grandmother because he didn't want to wake her. The pain subsided again. He called his doctor the next morning, and the doctor said he needed to go to the hospital immediately. They ran numerous tests on him. His electrocardiogram (EKG) was perfectly fine. One of the tests said his blood enzymes were elevated which meant he had experienced a heart attack.

Based on the doctor’s suggestions, he cut out a lot of sweets in his diet, started eating better overall, and lived a healthier lifestyle that included daily exercise. I’m happy to report, that he has not had another heart attack since then!

My grandmother has learned from my grandfather’s experience how important it is to get regular heart screenings.  Her tests reflected that there were no hard calcium deposits, and her blood work was great because her cholesterol was 150. Her lipid panel and her numbers regarding body fat were amazing. The doctors told her that she only had a 2.7% chance of having a heart attack in the next ten years. How amazing!

It’s important to get a regular checkup because you need to know how your heart is doing. Sometimes the news can make you change certain aspects of your life, but other times, the results can make you proud of how you are already living. Want to learn more about what happens at a heart screening? Check it out HERE.

I'm happy to advocate for both of my grandparents and all those I love! Want to advocate for someone you love? Text HEART to 46839 or join the American Heart Association You're The Cure Advocacy Network HERE.

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