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Heart Attack Can Happen to Anyone ... at Anytime

We've all heard the warnings that when it comes to heart attack, symptoms can vary and that the best thing you can do is listen to your body and if something isn't right, seek attention!  That's exactly what happened to 68 year-old Dr. Michael McGuire, orthopedic surgeon. But it happened while he was performing surgery!  A doctor had a heart attack - while doctoring!  

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We share this story (from columnist Michael Kelly for the Omaha World Herald) about Dr. McGuire as a reminder to everyone to pay attention to the signs and symptoms and to what your body is telling you.  Dr. McGuire sought help and it's why he survived the "widowmaker" heart attack. 

While performing a total knee replacement, a surgeon didn’t feel so well — for good reason. He didn’t yet know it, but he was having a heart attack. Not yet in severe pain, he finished the surgery just fine. But the doctor soon would become a dangerously ill patient. He sat down and said to his PA, or physician assistant: “I’m having crushing substernal chest pain.”

To read more of this story, CLICK HERE.  

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