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Heart Health and Candy Hearts?


Is it cruel fate that brings together American Heart Month and Valentine's Day? In a month devoted to heart health and candy hearts, how can we celebrate both at the same time? The American Heart Association is pleased to say that you can enjoy both. You can enjoy an occasional treat, in moderation. Just balance what you eat with how much you move.

The American Heart Association highly recommends that you avoid foods high in added sugars, sodium and saturated and trans fats; but Valentine's Day only comes once a year. If that's the day that you choose to indulge, then enjoy it but remember to balance it with smart choices including fruits and vegetables and physical activity during the rest of the week.

Here are a few other things to keep in mind when celebrating Valentine's Day:

  • Note the serving size. A couple of pieces of candy? OK. The whole box? Not so much. Split something with your Valentine.
  • Make a date to get active. Pick a fun physical activity such as indoor rock climbing, ice skating or roller-skating. Be silly and run around a playground.  Go somewhere that requires lots of walking, or anything else that gets you moving more and sitting less.

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