Heart Disease in Men

Sugar-Sweetened Drinks are the No. 1 Source of Added Sugars in our Diet and are Linked to Increased Risk of Heart Disease in Men
Study Highlights:
  • Men who drank one sugar-sweetened beverage a day had a 20 percent higher risk of heart disease compared to men who did not drink any sugar-sweetened drinks.
  • Daily sugar-sweetened drink consumption was also linked to higher levels of harmful lipids in the blood and inflammation.
  • Artificially sweetened beverages did not increase heart-disease risk in this study.


The American Heart Association recommends you limit sugar sweetened beverages to no more than 450 calories from beverages a week (based on a 2000-calorie per day diet). Better still, choose water or unsweetened teas.  For more information, visit www.heart.org/nutrition.
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