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Healthy Kids NH

Help Children Get a Healthy Start in Life by Making the Healthy Choice the Easy Choice

Healthy Kids NH is coalition of nonprofits, community organizations, businesses and individuals who are committed to promoting a culture of health where New Hampshire children live, learn and play. 

Healthy Drinks

2018 Policy Priority: Remove Sugary Drinks as the Default Option with Restaurant Kids' Meals

Access to healthy drinks is crucial to helping kids grow up at a healthy weight and avoid diabetes and heart disease. Did you know that sugary drinks such as fruit drinks, sports and energy drinks, sweetened waters and teas, and soda have been identified as the primary source of added sugars in American diets? More than ever, families are choosing to eat out or pick up a quick meal on the way home. Unfortunately, most restaurant kids' meals usually include a choice of sugary drinks too high in sugar for children. We can help parents make healthy choices for their children by ensuring only healthy drink options such as milk, water or 100% fruit juice are served on children’s menus.

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Act Now

In April 2017, the American Heart Association commissioned a statewide public opinion poll. The results of the poll demonstrate major concern among voters about consumption of sugary drinks by children and indicate majority support for limiting the advertising of unhealthy foods and beverages in schools.

Among the highlights:

  • Nearly two-thirds of voters support a proposal to limit the advertising of unhealthy foods and beverages in schools in New Hampshire (65% support/30% oppose)
  • Nine out of ten voters believe that the consumption of sugary drinks by children is a problem (90% problem/8% not a problem, with 63% believing it is a major problem)
  • Voters level of concern with sugary drink consumption by children increased when they learned the associated health risks

You can download and share two resources that provide more information about the results: