Healthy Kids Meals, a Great Idea for National Nutrition Month!

When you think of kids’ meals, do you think of Hawaiian chicken kabobs? How about very berry sweet and sour stir fry or mac and cheese with butternut squash?


The great thing about these meals is they are all healthy! And delicious! They were created by chefs at seven Vermont restaurants who worked with us this fall to make and serve healthy restaurant kids’ meals.

Check them out by visiting our Healthy Kids Meals website.

What a great idea to try a healthy kids’ meal for National Nutrition Month. Then tell your legislator this is something you’d like to see all the time. Healthy kids’ meals at restaurants across Vermont! You can sign the petition on our website by clicking the "Act Now" button on the homepage.

Legislation we are supporting, S.70, and H.264, would set nutrition standards for kids’ meals at Vermont restaurants and help parents by making the healthy choice the easy choice. 

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