Healthy Drinks & Healthy Meals Resources

The Problem

Americans now spend more of their food budget on foods prepared away from home than on foods at home.

Eating Out

Children consume roughly 25% of their calories from eating out, and eat almost twice as many calories when they eat at a restaurant as they do when they eat at home.

Obesity Risk

For each additional serving of soda or juice drink a child consumes per day, the child’s chance of becoming overweight increases by 60%.

Over 60% of Vermont adults and 29% of Vermont youth are overweight or obese; and obese children are at least twice as likely as non-obese children to become obese adults.

The Cost Of Obesity In Vermont

Obese children and adults are at greater risk for numerous adverse health consequences. The estimated annual obesity-related medical costs for the state of Vermont are $202 million, almost half of which are attributed to Medicare ($41 million) and Medicaid ($57 million).

Making the Healthy Choice The Easy Choice

Choosing what’s best for us isn’t always easy. And that’s especially true for kids (as any parent can tell you!). When eating out, it’s especially hard for parents to find healthy options for their kids.

We’re working with restaurants to offer healthier options on Vermont kid’s menus, especially with regard to sugary drinks. Why push soda on kids when they’re so young? Let’s make the healthy choice the easy choice by offering better options.