Healthy Corner Store Update

NJ takes one more step toward healthier food on every corner!

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In June, New Jersey took another step toward funding a statewide Healthy Corner Store program! Those of you who have been a part of the "You're the Cure" network through the past several years have been instrumental in advancing this legislation. Hundreds of emails and phone calls have gone out to our elected officials urging their support for programs to assist store owners with costs associated with training, marketing and educational materials that are necessary to offer healthy, fresh foods in their stores.

The Senate Economic Growth Committee passed the legislation unanimously on June 14. The next step is a hearing in the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee. Although it is unlikely that they will meet again until the fall, "You're the Cure" advocates will have opportunities to contact their elected officials throughout the summer and fall to keep up the momentum.

We have seen much success with the Healthy Corner Stores program in communities throughout the state. It not only improves the quality of food available in neighborhoods that don't have supermarkets, it also promotes economic development and small businesses. A small increase in funding could make a huge difference by expanding food access in the many communities that have not yet been able to benefit from the program due to lack of resources.

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