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Healthy Beverages Kids' Meals Bill Passed Senate!

Measure would ensure healthy beverages are offered to Vermont kids first. 

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We're making progress on our effort to make kids' meals healthier at Vermont restaurants, and sugary drinks are the target!

The Senate earlier this month voted unanimously to pass S. 70. This legislation asks Vermont restaurants that serve kids' meals to offer a healthy beverage as the default beverage. The beverage would have to be:

  • water, sparkling water or flavored water without added sweeteners
  • milk or a non-dairy alternative
  • 100% fruit juice or fruit juice combined with water or carbonated water

Parents would still have the choice to request a substitute beverage. So, why wouldn't we offer our youngest kids healthy drinks first? The average age for kids' meals is 2-5 years old. And sugary drinks are the largest source off added sugars in kids' diets. When Walk Disney theme parks switched to healthier beverage defaults, parents stuck with the healthier option 66% of the time!!!

The legislation is before the House Human Services Committee. Click the following link to urge them to pass the bill today:

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