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Healthy school meals should be here to stay

There is some news out of Washington, D.C. about healthy school meals, but we still need your voice.


The recent compromise on strong school nutrition standards is a win for students, parents, and educators. But it’s not a guarantee. Floor votes in both the House and Senate lie ahead, and plenty of voices are still saying that we should go back to meals loaded with sugar, salt, and fat. Help us keep the momentum by telling your lawmakers this deal is the one we need to keep our kids healthy.

Going back would mean taking away the serving of fruits or vegetables that now comes with every school meal served. It would mean telling our kids that it’s not important they have more whole grains and lean proteins, and that they shouldn’t worry about eating foods loaded with dangerously high amounts of sodium.

These are lessons no parent would want to teach their child, and we shouldn’t let our schools teach them either. Step up to the plate and help us give kids the healthy futures they deserve.

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