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Healthy School Environments Support Healthier Food Preferences in Children

Building on the progress made in recent years in the school nutrition environment, the American Heart Association is committed to helping remove unhealthy marketing and advertising present on school property. 


Parents may not realize the practices going on that is the result of corporations finding ways to put their products in front of children during the school day.  Logos and promotional items for foods and beverages, that can’t be sold in schools anymore, including coupons for these products given to children for academic achievements, even advertising for fast food restaurants on our sports fields owned by school districts, is all intended to increase children’s preferences and consumption of unhealthy products out of school hours. We can protect our children by helping our schools create policies around the type of marketing and advertising acceptable on school property and visible to students during the school day.  Soda logos on score boards can be replaced with acceptable product logos, such as water products of the same company.  We can ensure that healthy products that meet school nutrition guidelines are featured as giveaways and coupons and on posters or signage that children are exposed to during school time.  You’re The Cure advocates, through the NH Healthy, Active Kids campaign, will ensure guidelines on marketing are addressed in District Wellness Policies and through state regulation.

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