Healthy Food Access = Good for our Bottom Line!


Whether you're talking about health or wealth...supporting healthy food retail is a winning equation! 

All across New York, AHA advocates are talking about the need for Governor Cuomo and our state leaders to invest public funding wisely.  Healthy food retail is a proven winner.  When New York devoted funding to healthy food financing 6 years ago, 20 new food markets were built in neighborhoods that need them the most.  These communities have benefited not only from improved access to healthier food options, but also from the jobs created as a result.  Since the program was initially established, 441 permanent jobs were created.  This is in addition to the 622 construction jobs that happened as markets were built.

To learn more about this issue, check out this video created by one group of volunteers in NYC:

And then help us send a message to lawmakers by texting 'Healthy Food' to 52886!

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